Rachel H.

Rachel is a graphic designer and wanted some not-so-business-like-business portraits. And good thing too because that's just my style! Can I just say how much I love working with designers? So fun! They come all geared up with creativeness and ideas and open minds and fun stuff.

Anyway, check her out at Musings from 'Hel. Yay!









Lauren said...

This is totally at sammy's isn't it! I just love rachel, I wish I had been working when you came!

andrea brionne said...

these look amazing! i love the bold colors and location

Kassie said...

What lens are you using for these pictures? If you don't mind me asking? :) Love your stuff! The photos are beautiful!
Kassie Crapo

geri e. said...

Yay! Thanks guys!

@Lauren: I didn't know you work there!! TOTALLY wish you were there when we were shooting. Bummer.

@Kassie: for these portraits with Rachel I just used my fixed 85mm 1.8 portrait lens (love LOVE it)
for the couple session I used both my fixed 85 as well as my 24-105mm 4 (which I love as well).
Hope that helps! :)