Harrington family

These peeps make the snow look real good. I think families have different styles and Winter Wonderland is totally their style. There were so many things I loved about this shoot.... I loved the winter coats with the splashes of bright color, I loved the massive snowy trees, I loved the whole family! And now I'm getting a hankering for some hot cocoa and some mittens, even though it's sunny and 70ยบ outside.
Winter in Idaho is brrrrrrrrrr.













Caley said...

That is a nice looking family!! The beautiful lady in the tan coat is my old cheerleading buddy, Holli. She's a hoot, huh!?

Kayleen said...

I totally LOVE the pic of the slightly older couple towards the beginning. Like, so much that I want to frame it and pretend it's me and James. You're so talented!!

Alisha said...

Absolutely LOVE your photography! You've got a great eye for capturing great shots.