Rachel and Jesse

Love Rachel and Jesse!! Rachel and I were several classes together at BYU - Idaho..... good times, good times. So when I came back to Idaho for a bit we got togetha during lunch break (because peeps gotta go to work!) and had ourselves a slammin photographic session! In the very beginning they warned me that they would be super awkward and not photogenic—well I won't believe a thing they say ever again because that was clearly a big, fat fib! These dudes are rockstars!!!

So as I was editing these I had a little playlist going through my head—the whole time. That's why I decided to give you the option of listening in on a song (one of those playing in my brain) while you go through these photos, it might give you the sort of the same feel. Yeah?

















While Jesse waited for the burgers (it was lunch) Rachel and I did some portraits—and they're lovely lovely! Check back tomorrow......


Jenae @ Wildflower said...

C.U.T.E. so freaking Cute! love the one where they are kissing...husband and I need to get some photo's taken...hmmm I need to put that into my list of things to do this summer..Great photos!

Caley said...

love these!! especially with the desks and chalkboard! you are so creative...i can't get over it!

Kylee said...

The last one is my favorite!!! So cute and relaxed!

Rachel said...
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lyndsey @ the stationery place said...

you did such a great job!! love that rachel & jesse and i love the locations you picked.

'Hel said...

You are AMAZING!!! seriously... your my freakin hero. Thanks for thinking of us and making us look good even though we WERE super awkward ;)

Emily Meyerhoffer said...

Sooo dang darling!!!! You're awesome!

Tucker's said...

Love them Love them! And the song! haha It put me in a super good mood :) You are AMAZING!

andrea brionne said...

i adore sammys and have always wanted to take photos there. love the photos you took!

The Mid Life Guru said...

Wow--you are so talented and captured some incredible shots of two of my most favorite people.

Marina Breithaupt said...

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