Winter Mini Session Photos

The Winter Mini Sessions were a huge success and I loved meeting/spending time with each and every one of these peeps!! That's why I'm super pumped to post all of these babies today. Holla!

This little man is Thomas and he might be the silliest and smiliest guy I've ever met. I totally love him.



Even though it was frigid cold, the Tolbert family was so sweet and willing to do whatever I said (and we all know those kind of peeps are my favorite kind of peeps!) and they still looked totally darling as they shivered.


The Egbert fam is my fam and that's why I'm so really really ridiculously good looking. Oh genetics don't hop over from the husband's side? Well, then I guess that's why he's pretty cute.




Jack is my sissie's baby boy and he's as sweet as they come and will smile all day, as long as you're holding him. But darling fella like that? I'll hold him all the live-long-day please.


I love Betty and the whole gang—and I mean whole gang! And you better believe that I had all the names down by the end of the shoot. In fact, we were totally hommies..... even though I'm pretty sure some of them boys thought I was one ca-razy photo lady! And I am—so we cool.


Because the Winter Mini's were so much fun I've decided that I'm going to be offering Summer Mini Sessions in both Cali (sometime in June) annnnnnnnd Ideeho (in the beginning of July).

Spots will be limited. Schedules will be posted very soon—so keep your eye peeled if you're interested.


Leslie said...

fun photos! i really love the mom and 4 boys and a little girl. that combo of kids is the best!

k.brewer said...

oh yay, we are waiting for those sessions in California.

brittany+scott said...

OOO how fun! Great wintery photos. I'd SO be interested in the cali summer mini sessions!!! :)