the Fackrell family

I am so excited about this shoot!!!! It was the perfect evening for a family session—the wild flowers were popping up all over the place, the sun was warm and soft and this family is the best ever. Kylee wanted to have some family photos taken to wrap up their California adventure (not the theme park). Andy graduated from law school and they have moved on to new things.... But we had ourselves a lovely photoshoot to go out with a bang!

Can I just say that these peeps have got some mad style and two of the darlingest little girls you ever did see? Those little ladies are bursting with personality and happiness, two things that turn photos into total magic! And the fact that everyone is perfectly styled makes everything even betta—props to Kylee and her hot-mama-hipster-fashionista ways (don't you just love her glasses, I think I told her I love them maybe twenty times)!

Because sometimes I hear songs in my head, or coming out of my computer, while I'm working I feel like it's only right to share. This way we can set the mood for your viewing pleasure. And who doesn't love some Mindy Gledhill? Yeah? Yeah!














communikate. said...

We love Andy and Kylee!!

I saw these on Ky's FB page and loved them!

Oh, and it's true Kylee has mad style. I'm always envious of her great outfits when I see her! :)

mandyface said...

love it lady!!! and good song combo!

Lucy said...

darling family and glasses.

C & S said...

OH nice! Your right these colors are awesome! You always do such a great job and truly have your own style! Hope all is good with you guys!

Leslie said...

i love the one of andy and kylee kissing. so adorable. such a darling family, we're gonna miss them.