Little Mr. Krew

Isn't he quite the dashing little fellow?? I just loved all of that fantastic hair and his big, bright eyes, OH and of course all of those grrrrrrrrrreat faces he pulled when his mom and dad left the room. He was totally hamming it up for the camera! Darling bebes are always fun to spend the day with and this tiny dude was the best!—but then he got sick of me and started crying. So we snapped a photo of that and he took a snooze.









dani said...

he's so darling! small world though, we are good friends w/ jeff & kapri. she and i grew up in the same ward and our mom's are really good friends too!

the pics are amazing! i'm definitely calling you when i have a baby...whenever that will be:)

Emily Dawn said...

He has the cutest hair I have ever seen!

Can you please come to Utah?

tori lynn dickson said...

he's adorable! i loooove his hair.

mandyface said...

oh muh goodness so adorbs. that lil face!!

Nicole Marie said...

look at all that hair!! lucky boy!