Lil' Miss Mia M.

Miss Mia is quite the sassy little lady! We had tons of fun.......bright red benches, airplanes, trains and a giant pink lollipop. Who couldn't enjoy a nice little evening with that whole combo? Even when the lolly dropped and broke all over the ground she didn't cry or pout or anything. She just picked up a few pieces, wiped off the dirt and kept on enjoying herself.

My kind of girl!










k.brewer said...

i love these pics. love the color and how it pops love the angles.

Battfam said...

Love the colors. Love the clothes. Love the poses. Love the face. Love the cankles. So cute!

wonderchris said...

Her pose in the second picture on the red bench is too much...such a cutie!!

Great pictures - looks like a fun shoot!

the h fam. said...

she's so cute!!! when are you going to be in idaho again to do some pics of tater????? i have pics scheduled for next week already, but will you be here this summer anytime?? we miss our FAV photographer!

Becca's Blog said...

I love those chubby little thighs in those leggings. I wish that chubby thighs in leggings were considered cute in adults too. Too bad they're not! Great pics Geri!

tori lynn dickson said...

look how she pops that hip!

Audrey said...

Ahhh! Really good pics Geri... esp cuz she wasn't too thrilled in the beginning!
I need to get her pics done again soon, for her 2year olds! Sorry it took me so long to get you my list (oopsy)