the Underwood family

Right before we moved away from Idaho we snuck in some time to do a shoot with my sissie and her family. We had ourselves a lot of fun! And it was a perfect summer afternoon for Idaho! There was no crazy wind, no rain, no hail—it was just pretty pretty summer weather. I'll take that every time I can get it (especially in crazy-weather-Idaho)!

Those fellas are awesome (you can tell from their faces just how awesome they are). And what about my sis in all of her preggolicious beauty?

Thanks for the great day guys. It was so fun.

Love ya see ya bye!











Battfam said...

Way cute photos! Is it okay to say they are cute? Anyway, I love them.

Becca's Blog said...

Cute pictures Geri and Bobbi. I love all the different faces of Rook that appear in these pictures. So funny!

Bobbi said...

Not a huge fan of the girl in the long brown dress! I think she forgot to do her hair!! oh well. Thanks for doing the fun pics for us. I can't wait to get some framed.

Bobi... said...

Love these pics Geri! Lalalalove the one of Bobbi holding her belly looking out towards the water- gorgeous!

Ms_SyllyBee said...

Beautiful Photos! I especially love the one where the mom is standing near the pond and holding her belly. The dress she chose was so lovely with the look of the photos.

great blog!

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