the Sanders family

I love this family! When I first met Leslie (the mamacita) it was right after we moved to Orange County and she was so spunky and sweet and laughed at all of my semi-lame-o jokes..... I just knew that we were going to be great pals.
Ok, so here's a behind-the-scenes story for ya: See that darling fella in the orange button-up and cream vest? Well, he wasn't feeling too hot. I was taking some portraits of the littlest kiddie and then turned around to find that he had thrown up in a bush a few yards away. Right after that (and a few swigs of water) the poor guy had to smile for his close up—and he did his best and it is the cutest photo you ever did see! We asked him if he wanted to go home and be done but he said he felt much better. Yep. Probably the sweetest little man I know.
After we wrapped up the shoot the Sanders invited me to grab some frozen yogurt with them at Yogurtland.......and who am I to pass up some tasty frozen yogurt with excellent company?

Thanks guys! It was a great day and you're the best!












And to wrap it up with my favorite shot of the day:


Tucker's said...

I loved every picture! Just thought you should know :)

mckenzie said...

oh my goodness! This makes me want to take pictures in the SUN again SOOO BADDD! so beautiful

Leslie said...

man, those kids are cute! ha! thanks again for taking such awesome photos of our family. you and your assistant were amazing!