Julia and Chris

This little photogenic couple are some friends from Fullerton. She's a talented graphic designer, he's super into sports—so naturally we get along real well (because I'm into art and stuff and Jas is thoroughly addicted to Sports Center........we've got so much in common! ha!).
We had ourselves a good ol time wandering around downtown, stopping on benches, curbs, tables, bike racks for a photo or two. And all the time there was me rambling along, trying to explain photo-decision-making-processes running through my brain. For teaching purposes?..... Chris is quite the photo enthusiast!! (Hope I didn't just confuse you!)
So these peeps got to glimpse into the scary-wild place that is my brain..........and after it was all over they said they still like me. I think that little test might have made us friends for life or something like that.
















ashley mikell said...

i love these! they are so natural looking. love LOVE love!

Lili said...

Wow! Those two are picture perfect :-) And your photography is amazing, but don't we know that. Yay!

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Miss.C said...

She looks like Jennifer Garner, so pretty! I am astounded by your work and clients.

Emily Dawn said...

She is beautiful!

Julia Warren said...

I love how they turned out. Everything. The ones against the blue wall make me extra happy. I bow to you, camera goddess.

Tucker's said...

SO CUTE! Great job!

Leslie said...

cutest couple ever! you really captured their darlingness! julia is right, you are the camera goddess!