meet baby girl Emlin

I love babies and that means I totally loved this little beauty.
Don't you love her and her little fabric shoes? Dahling!











Ashley said...

These pictures are great Geri. I love the ones of her and her dad. So cute. Also, I know Melinda, love her :)

Caley said...

Geri, you are so fantastic. I love your style and work so much. I wish you were still around here...

Melinda said...

O Geri, you are flippin amazing, these are awesome!

Annette said...

Amazing! As usual. I love the one with her laying down but the pic is turned so it looks strait up. So cute-all of them!

Sydney said...

She is so beautiful I can't even stand it right now! Babies are like the hardest thing for me, I have no idea why ... but you have such a talent for it! These are all gorgeous!

Audrey said...

So Sweet! Makes ya wanna baby for sure! She is a beauty!
Annalee told me that this cutie pie was her neice.... FUN

amber said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!! What beautiful pictures.