megan + paul

it was quite the windy day for a photo shoot.
but the wind cooperated a bit and i think we got some very lovely shots!
{and isn't this soon-to-be-wed couple adorable?}

{favorite shot of the day.}


Maggie said...

Ger, they look great, I love em! Megan looks happy, doesn't she? (so weird to call her that, by the way :) You definitely have the eye for a good photo, my friend!

the h fam said...


Mardi said...

You are quite the photographer, missy. Let's schedule that appointment in late August/September for my fam and new baby. (I don't even know for sure when we're coming, but I'll let you know.)

jason said...

ooo... take a picture of me. please.

Audrey said...

Geri... I don't know Megan or Paul but they are a great looking couple!
I am a huge fan of your photo's! Which one are they going to be using do ya know?
I have to say my 2 fave ones are the one with them holding hands with the coolio wallpaper going on in the background. The other is them walking away with the cotton tails!
Super Slick Sissy Sue!
(ps... my comp is being dumb and it took me 3 attempts to leave this message...grrr)

Lucy said...

Those pictures are good. question still stands. Can you make old, ugly people look good? (We'd like our picture taken some day)